Solutions Overview


For Smart Mobility, Swiss Innovation Lab has developed a wide range of different building blocks, including cloud based backends, apps and SDKs, beacons and sensors. A corner stone in our Smart Mobility offerings is gBeacon – our patent-pending GPS based beacon with built-in micro controller, accelerometer, GPS receiver and Bluetooth Low Energy transmitter. It is powered by external 12-24V and can easily be installed in any vehicle.

The beauty of the GPS based beacon is that it can be programmed to act as multiple iBeacons, i.e. generating virtual iBeacons based on predefined latitude and longitude. The virtual beacon broadcasts messages to the smartphones with enabled Bluetooth LE via Apple’s iBeacon technology. The gBeacon comes with powerful Beacon Management for configuration, monitoring and security. Furthermore, we offer customized apps and SDKs supporting the multitude of gBeacon use cases.

Another asset of our Smart Mobility products range is our Wheel Nut&Temperature Monitoring system for increased Public Transport safety as well as MyAid – our system which provides support to the travel of persons with disabilities.


Next Stop & PoI information

One g-Beacon covers it all. With the gBeacon configurator, bus routes, virtual zones and related event rules can easily be configured. So, when a gBeacon equipped vehicle is entering or exiting these predefined virtual zones, the gBeacon is triggering events such as welcome message, Next stop information, Point-of-Interest information and / or launch of surveys. The triggered events can be created as any combination of text, audio, video or URL, and can be in multiple languages. Furthermore, it supports both online and offline operation modes.


Location Based Marketing

With gBeacon we also offer a new real-time communication media reaching out to commuters with smartphones. Thanks to our integrated GPS we are able to push notifications depending on where the buses or trains are actually located. The power of this is that we can truly deliver location-based promotions when in proximity of a related area. According to Geometry Global, 89% admit to browsing and buying on smartphones during their commute!

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Ticketless Seamless Travel

Seamless Travel is being more and more requested. It is a real driver to increase the use of public transport. For passengers seamless travel means comfort, time savings and assurance that they pay the best rate for traveling from point A to point B. Our gBeacon is enabling ticketless seamless travel and has the power to overcome issues such as battery drainage and GPS inaccuracy. By means of monitoring virtual stops / areas along the route and combining such with the gBeacon specific data such as Company ID, position and speed, gBeacon knows the segments travelled. With this approach we are able to differ between riding and waiting passengers and know which operator are they using for their travel. With gBeacon onboard “check-out” is done automatically without any user intervention.


Insights & Analytics

You may already know where and when your passengers are boarding and disembarking. But, do you know who your passengers are? gBeacon helps you gain valuable insights and analytics on your passengers’ travel behavior. With gBeacon installed on your vehicles and our SDK embedded in your mobile ticketing / travel apps, you are able to detect passengers via Bluetooth when in proximity. Thanks to the integrated GPS it is possible to detect the location of their boarding and disembarking stations. The gBeacon Passenger Insight Platform safeguards the privacy of your passengers. By means of using an unique identifier in combination with our stand-alone platform, there is no link between the device and the registered user. It works fully in background and do not use the GPS of the smartphones.


Making Transport Accessible

In 2011, there were 80 million persons with disabilities in the European Union (EU), representing about 15% of the EU population*. Combined with the trends in demographic change and the rising amount of older people, this means that many people have reduced mobility when traveling at some point in their lives. To facilitate and simplify the travel experience for persons with disabilities, Swiss Innovation Lab has developed MyAid. Combined with gBeacon, MyAid is making public transport accessible for everyone. It supports detection of waiting passengers thus increasing driver awareness for boarding support and care. It provides further support with automatic fare collection and various notification for the travellers, such as Next Stop. The MyAid app can also control “Stop the Bus” buttons remotely.