Swiss Innovation Lab is a system and software house offering innovative solutions for Smart Cities and Smart Mobility.  Our Headquarter is in Bienne, Switzerland. We also have a subsidiary company SIL d.o.o. with offices in Zagreb, Croatia and Varazdin, Croatia. The company was founded in 2013 and have, with Tomas Ahnebrink (CEO) and Pero Juric (CTO), a seasoned management team. Both Tomas and Pero were founders and principal shareholders of SwissQual (today part of Rohde&Schwarz). Tomas was also the founder and principal shareholder of Swiss Mobility Solutions (today part of Gemalto).

Swiss innovation Lab is fast, flexible and agile with a highly skilled and dynamic team of experts that can deliver in a very short timeframe. We offer highly versatile engineering, HW & SW development solutions and mobile app design from conception, definition, application development, testing, maintenance and support.

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Bienne, Switzerland


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Varazdin, Croatia